Moving out of home? We’ve put together some tips to help you get set up in your new hall of residence or flat. Get the essential stuff sorted, like insurance cover for your most prized possessions, so you can get on to more exciting things.

  • Are you already covered? If you’re moving to a hall of residence, there’s a good chance your belongings can be covered under your parents’ contents insurance policy, so check it out and save yourself some money
  • Going flatting? It’s probably time to suss your own contents cover now you’re no longer under your parents’ roof. Different policies will have different premiums (that’s the amount you pay for the cover), depending on things like the value of items you want to cover, and how much you set your excess to (that’s the amount you pay if you make a claim)
  • Double check you’re covered. Some policies will place restrictions on the cover you can get, like if you flat with a big group of people. Although setting up cover on the internet seems easier, sometimes a chat with someone who can explain things is worth the effort
  • What if you damage property? Accidentally left the stove on while you were cooking up something delish and blackened the whole wall? Does your landlord want you to pay up? Your contents insurance should cover you for damage caused to rental properties – sometimes called ‘liability cover’. Double check you have this in your policy
  • Look after precious stuff. You’re going to meet so many new people, which is awesome, but at the same time there’ll likely be a lot of people coming and going through your flat or hall or residence – so be careful with your valuable possessions. If you have something particularly expensive or dear to you, double check with your insurance company to see if you need to specify it (insure it for a higher amount) on your policy
  • Can you leave it at home? Or consider leaving your most valuable possessions at your parents’ where they won’t get lost, broken or stolen. After all, you’ll probably have to lug everything back there at the end of the uni year anyway!

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