Get faster savings on your premiums

We’ve now made it even faster for you to get great SmartDriver savings. Once you’ve completed only 150km of driving over multiple trips, you’ll receive your SmartDriver score. The higher the score, the more you can save on your car insurance premiums with TOWER – up to a maximum of 20%.

Have fun with new SmartDriver challenges

You can now challenge your friends and family over 24 hours, one week or 20 days to see who will win SmartDriver bragging rights. Download the update, select someone to compete against from your contacts or Facebook friends, choose your challenge and once they’ve accepted the competition is on so get driving!

How the app tracks your driving

SmartDriver uses the sensors in your phone to record how safely you’re driving. All you need to do is press the ‘start’ button before you commence your journey and the ‘stop’ button once you reach your destination. After every trip you take you’ll get a summary of how well you did, any achievement badges you have earned and points that get you on the leaderboard. To receive your drive score, you’ll need to complete at least three trips with a combined distance of at least 150km – the maximum trip length is now reduced to 75km. The better your score, the more you could save.

So why pay for other people’s bad driving?

Watch the video for more information, or download SmartDriver today from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Posted by tower