Claims: repairing a shared property

This block of three units was irreparably damaged in the earthquake. Watch how we took this badly damaged multi-unit and rebuilt it into three sparkling new homes for all three owners.

March 18, 2016

Earthquake damage: foundation repair

In this video we share how we helped a Christchurch resident replace a portion of his house. Watch how we engaged geotechnical and structural engineers to come up with a site-specific method to bring the house back to what it...

February 27, 2015
Fire statistics new zealand

New Zealand residential fire statistics

Did you know, after natural disasters fire is the most common reason for the total loss of a home?

December 18, 2014

What to consider when buying a house

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’re looking at getting an investment property, we’ve put together some ideas on what things you should consider. Read our tips here.

September 26, 2014

How to stay warm this winter

Recent winters have been wet and stormy for New Zealand, what’s the best way to keep your home and family warm? We’ve put together some suggestions.

September 26, 2014
How to protect your home from dampness

How to protect your home from dampness

New Zealand homes are well known for being damp in winter, we've put together some steps you can take to reduce moisture risk and dampness.

July 1, 2014
Twenty ways to keep your home safe

Twenty ways to keep your home safe

Having your home broken into can be devastating. Find out how to keep your home secure.

November 28, 2013
What to do in a fire

What to do in a fire

Here's hoping you never have to deal with a fire at home or at work. Nothing is more terrifying than flames and colossal heat, and smoke can be just as deadly. Small fires can become big ones in an unbelievably...

November 27, 2013