Fire statistics new zealand

New Zealand residential fire statistics

Did you know, after natural disasters fire is the most common reason for the total loss of a home?

December 18, 2014
Full replacement insurance for fire is here

Full replacement insurance for fire with TOWER

With our Full replacement insurance for fire benefit, if your home is damaged by fire, we'll rebuild it no matter what the sum insured. Read on to find out more.

October 30, 2014
What to do in a fire

What to do in a fire

Here's hoping you never have to deal with a fire at home or at work. Nothing is more terrifying than flames and colossal heat, and smoke can be just as deadly. Small fires can become big ones in an unbelievably...

November 27, 2013
Fire safety tips

Fire safety tips

House fires can have tragic consequences, but there are some things you can do to prevent fires from happening and deal to them quickly if they do. Here are some simple tips to keep your family and property safe from...

November 26, 2013