Could there be a better country to hit the road in? Around every corner there’s something new, and with a caravan in tow you’ve got a private suite ready to set up against the most stunning backdrops in the world.

It’s prime time for caravan travels around New Zealand, so here’s some must-have information to help make sure your journeys are full of beautiful sights, new adventures and sing-a-longs to classic roadtrip songs – and not speeding tickets, fines or theft.
Picking your spot for the night

With caravan in tow and the road stretching ahead of you, you may be feeling wild and free. But when it comes to parking up there are a few restrictions to pay attention to, including recent freedom camping bylaws in Thames-Coromandel and Gisborne areas, so here’s a few tips:

  • Freedom camping on public conservation land is popular in New Zealand amongst locals and foreign visitors alike, but this doesn’t mean you can park up wherever takes your fancy. If you see this sign, there’s no camping and you could face a fine of $200 or more
  • There are so many gorgeous and affordable holiday parks and camping grounds around New Zealand, including those run by the Department of Conservation (DOC) – so you’ll never be short of a place to park up. Check out campsites around New Zealand with, including a click-through to a super handy interactive map showing your camping ground options and their cost.
  • If you’ve found the perfect spot and want to stay for a while, grab a DOC campsite pass for caravans – it’s a weekly pass that makes your holiday even more affordable.

Staying safe on the road and off

If you’re a seasoned pro you’re probably aware of the restrictions around towing, but here are a few essential things to remember, as well as some tips to help avoid theft.

  • 90km/h is the maximum speed you can travel on the open road when towing.
  • It’s illegal to carry a passenger in your caravan while driving.
  • Consider using the SAFE text message service to log your travel intentions in a database that can be accessed by the police if something goes wrong. Simply text your location, timings and other details to SAFE (7233).
  • A tidy caravan with things put away inside is less likely to get robbed. So stow those valuable items away – not just hidden under a beach towel with an enticing bulge for thieves.
  • Check your valuables as soon as you get back to your caravan, so if something’s missing you’ll know where it happened for the police report – especially if you’re on the move a lot.

See the full NZ Transport Authority caravan guidelines

Have you covered your caravan?

You insure your car, and your home and its contents; so don’t forget your home away from home. TOWER Insurance caravan optional benefit protects your caravan from accidental physical loss or damage, including your caravan’s permanent fixtures and fittings.

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