There are plenty of tips on how to keep safe while travelling – we’ve already shared a few here. While it’s great to be prepared and do all the usual things – like getting travel insurance, giving loved ones a copy of your itinerary and trying to blend in, sometimes things happen that are outside of your control.

That’s where SafeTravel comes in handy. It’s a website put together by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and it’s full of helpful information for pre, during and post travel. If something goes wrong when you’re overseas, it should be one of the first places you go.

The SafeTravel website can be helpful from the start of your holiday planning. They regularly update their travel advisories which means you can check out the risk level of your destination before you book. If the country you’re looking at visiting is rated as ‘Extreme Risk’ or ‘High Risk’ you might not be covered under your travel insurance. Research your options and think carefully before travelling to these parts of the world.

SafeTravel proves especially helpful when a natural disaster strikes. By registering your travel plans with the site, the New Zealand Government can quickly figure out who is in the danger zone, and provide help. If your plans change, update the site (and your loved ones) so that everyone knows you’re safe and accounted for.

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