If you’ve ever been driving in the rain and flicked on your wipers only to find they are not in good working condition, then you know how annoying and dangerous it can be.

Window wipers need to be functioning well in order for you to have the best visibility you can in bad weather.

Here are some tips for replacing windscreen wipers for winter:

  • Check your wipers regularly especially in the lead up to winter
  • You’ll need a couple of things on hand – a new set of wiper blades and a small screw driver
  • You will need to make sure you get the right set for your car and all the parts you need such as the blades and the rubber insert
  • Read the instructions before you begin replacing the blades
  • Lift the wiper arm up so it is not resting on the windshield
  • Remove the old blade by sliding it off the arm. This might involve using the screw driver to lift the tab on the arm or pushing the tab to release the blade. How you do this will depend on the kind of wiper blade your car has
  • Once you have removed the old blades, you will need to insert the new blade on the arm with most wiper arms you can simply slide the blade onto until you hear a click. Again the kind of car you have will determine how this is done, but it should be fairly straight forward
  • Never force the blade onto the arm if it doesn’t go in easily. If you have to force it then you may have the wrong blade
  • Once you have secured it, the blade should feel tight and you should have no worry that it will come off
  • Lower the wiper arm down onto the windshield and you are good to go.

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