Are you a planner who gets Christmas presents sorted early? Or more the ‘last minute’ type who rushes to the mall on Christmas Eve? Whatever your shopping plans, Christmas can mean a lot of new purchases in your home, so here are a few tips for keeping your presents safe, and making sure you know what you’re covered for if things go wrong.

Cover the basics – store your presents safely

  • Bubble wrap is your friend, especially when you’re stuffing gifts into small hidey-holes, and for those kids (and adults) who love the old ‘shake and guess’ before they open their present.
  • Make sure you keep flammable gift-wrapped presents a safe distance away from heat sources like Christmas lights or those delightfully-scented candles.
  • Don’t leave items unattended when moving your presents from the store to your car, and from your car into your home. While in the house, keep gifts away from the windows too, where would-be thieves could see them.
  • Finally, if you’re travelling away by car for Christmas, don’t pack up until the morning you leave – many cars are easily broken into overnight.

What about presents you buy online?

The good news is, if you’ve ordered goods online from a New Zealand retailer and they arrive damaged or don’t turn up at all, you’re protected under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA). This gives you the right to claim compensation for any loss, or to reject the product and claim a refund.

Things get trickier if you’ve bought gifts online from overseas, and your customer rights will depend on which country the company’s based in. It’s also a little complicated when it comes to buying off a site like Trade Me – under the CGA, second-hand goods are covered, but private sales aren’t, so it depends on the seller you’re buying from. Here’s a TradeMe article that explains things more.

What you’re covered for if the worst happens

Having a TOWER contents insurance policy means the presents you have purchased are covered in the case of a fire or burglary at your home, or if you decide to store them at your mate’s place before the big day.

Let us know about your expensive items

If Santa’s been particularly generous this year and there are expensive things, give us a call and let us know. We’ll specify them individually on your policy to make sure you’re fully covered.


For more information on contents insurance policies or exactly how your presents are covered, visit TOWER Insurance website. Policy ‘Terms and conditions’ apply.

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