You car is most likely one of your most useful and valuable possessions. It is for many people, an essential part of day to day life. However cars are not so good for the environment and our use of them leaves a big carbon footprint.

These days, more people are realising that machines that once made our lives easier, are now at risk of destroying our planet. Striking a balance between the lifestyles we have grown accustomed to and the future of the environment is necessary if we are going to keep on enjoying our planet.

There are many ways you can do your part in reducing the impact of your car on the environment.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by not letting your car idle. Every time you leave your car running for more than a minute you are burning fuel which is not only burning money but it is polluting the environment. If you are going to be stopped, simply turn off the ignition.

The kind of car you drive also factors in the impact you are having on the environment. Bigger cars with bigger engines use up more fuel and emit greater volumes of pollutants. If you are environmentally conscious a smaller, smarter car makes much more sense. Smaller cars generally use less fuel. Smart cars like hybrids are designed to be more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

While many of us rely on our cars to get us where we need to be there are ways you can reduce the amount of time you spend on the road. Choose to walk, ride or take public transport where you can. On the weekends instead of motoring everywhere take the time to walk. Not only is it better for the environment but it is great exercise.

Car pooling is another way to reduce the use of your car. If you can, you should arrange a car pool for getting to work, getting the kids to school and going to sports events on the weekend. This is a good way to limit the use of your car and the emissions you are putting out in the environment, plus it is a good way to socialise.

Most of us that drive regularly think that we can’t do without our cars, but given a situation when you had to, you would find a way to get by.

Small things can make a big difference to the environment if all of us play a part. What can you do today that will have an impact?

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