New Zealand homes are well known for being damp in winter. If this dampness and moisture is left un-treated, it can result in wall deterioration, rotting carpet, window condensation and unpleasant odours – it could even make you and your family sick.  We’ve put together some steps you can take to reduce moisture risk and dampness in your home.

  • Keep your home warm and dry: Home dampness can cause health issues for your family as mould, dust mites, bacteria and viruses all thrive in damp atmospheres. Nobody likes to feel sick in their home, by making sure your home is kept warm and dry you can ensure dampness and health concerns are kept to a minimum. This can be done through wall insulation, heating systems and dehumidifiers, to really help dry things out
  • Eliminate dampness: Regularly check your home for roof and plumbing leaks, window condensation and defective window seals. Fix any problems you find as soon as possible. To lower your home’s humidity levels, use exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, and insulate your home thoroughly. Moisture in the bathroom can be decreased by installing a dome for the shower. Opening your windows regularly will help to get fresh airflow into your house and move stale smells
  • Assess moisture: You should consult a professional home inspector to conduct a moisture assessment for your home if you have recurring moisture problems. If you’re looking to buy a house, most qualified home inspectors have equipment for detecting moisture that can confirm any current issues and also find hidden moisture problems. If you like to do things yourself and don’t want to pay for professional inspectors, start by checking the ceilings, walls, sinks and carpets of your house for changes in colour and mould markings. Regularly check the outside of your home for items that could contribute to dampness, such as wall and roof claddings leaks. Keep your gutters and downpipes clear of blockages, and ensure none of your external water pipes have leaks.

The earlier you address moisture problems, the less damage they can do to your home and health.

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