Howling winds and beating rain are growing stronger, and this can mean only one thing – winter has arrived in New Zealand. The colder months are a time of putting another log on the fire and fishing out woolen hats, scarves and gloves – but it’s not just you and family that should be looked after during the grip of winter, your house needs attention, too.


Having home insurance in place is hugely important as winter sets in.

Is your house properly insured against winter weather?

Your home is at great risk of damage during the cold season. After all, rain, wind and snow are far more formidable than sunny blue skies. Winds blow stronger, the trees creak worryingly under the strain, and heavy rain or snow are putting untold pressure on your roof. Hence, it makes good sense to prepare your house for the wet months ahead. We’re not simply talking about clearing the gutters, upgrading your insulation and resealing doors and windows. Having good home insurance in place is really important as winter sets in.


Rain or snow fall

Your house insurance will cover damage to you house caused by heavy rain or snow. However, make sure your property is well maintained as gradual damage that happens over time may not be insured.

If you suspect any damage immediately after a storm, it‘s a good idea to call your insurance provider and organise an inspection. If you can’t inspect the damage safely on your own, you might want to consider hiring a professional to inspect your property.

Is your house properly insured against winter weather?Is your house properly insured against winter weather?

Fallen trees

In a weather event, most policies will cover your house for the resulting damage caused by fallen trees, provided you have the trees on your section regularly checked.


House insurance could also help you out should your house falls victim to flood. Though such incidents are rare flooding can occur in low lying areas after heavy rainfall. Check with your local council whether you’re in a flood prone area and make sure you know what to do if it happens.

Is your house properly insured against winter weather?

Nobody can control the weather, but you can ensure that your home is well-protected by having the proper insurance policies in place. With this in mind, you’ll want to cast an eye over Tower Insurance range of house insurance options. From the comprehensive House Maxi Protection to the landlord-specific House Rental Protection, at Tower we’re dedicated to helping customers choose the cover to suit their needs this Winter season.


Posted by Katie Anderson