They don’t say ‘only in America’ for nothing. Whether it’s a shopping trip amongst the exhilarating buzz of Times Square, a week of bright lights and extravaganza in Las Vegas or a star-spotting visit to LA’s walk of fame, the United States of America is a diverse and fascinating country that has so much more to it than just big cities and big celebrities. From cowboys to Californians, the 50 states make up a fusion of contrasting ethnicities, people, foods, history and landscapes, drawing many New Zealanders to experience the larger-than-life culture of the USA for themselves.

A holiday to the USA can seem daunting trying to keep on top of visa requirements, baggage security checks and time-consuming transits. With some forward planning, your journey can easily go without a hitch, and while no doubt you’ll come to expect the unexpected from America, you don’t want to worry about any unforeseen events taking up your time – and your spending money – if you’re not properly protected. Therefore it’s important for you to think about travel insurance before your trip to the USA.

The last thing you need is for an incident such as theft to make an already stressful journey more complicated. With travel insurance for the USA, your valuables such as luggage, passport and important documents can be covered for loss and theft.

While travelling in the USA, your travel insurance can also ensure you are covered overseas for unexpected medical issues, accidents and illnesses and may help you to avoid complicated processes and costly medical bills for treatment.

In such a huge country, and with so much to see, part of your journey may involve some internal, as well as external, flights. Flight schedule disruptions can be out of your control, so your USA travel insurance can make sure you’re not left stranded by providing cover for flight delays and resulting missed connections in order to keep you on the move.

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