Australia. It’s a sunburnt land of diverse landscapes, cities, wildlife and climates. And it has sights and activities catering for everyone – families, thrill-seekers, socialites or those simply seeking some time-out. It’s the perfect holiday destination, and it’s only a couple of in-flight movies away. So surely you don’t need travel insurance to go there?

Wrong. Just because our nearest neighbour might have many familiarities of home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things will be easy if the unexpected happens. Whenever you travel without travel insurance you risk unnecessary loss, whether it is as simple as the time and money it takes to replace lost luggage or as complex as a medical emergency that requires evacuation back to New Zealand. Taking out travel insurance before you go removes a lot of the worry of travel, allowing you to enjoy the holiday you’ve worked so hard to get.

Here is a basic guide to travel insurance for Australia:

  • Whether you’re going to Australia for work or play we definitely recommend you at least get basic travel insurance. This means that if you have to cancel or postpone your trip due to an unexpected event, lose your passport or get robbed, you’ll be covered for the financial loss
  • If you are taking valuable personal items with you like cell phones, laptops or jewellery then make sure you get extra cover if necessary in case they are lost, damaged or stolen
  • Finally, have a read of your travel insurance policy before you go. What is the process for claims should you need to make one and how will you be compensated? Are all the activities you’re planning on doing covered by your policy?

Once that’s all done, you can simply focus on spending your time enjoying all that Australia has to offer!

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