Thinking about insurance may not be as exciting as thinking about items for your Christmas wish list but the right insurance policy can definitely help keep your holidays jolly! Christmas in New Zealand usually brings presents, visitors and summer holidays so protecting your belongings and your home while you’re out and about is a great way of gaining peace of mind.

While we don’t want to sound like the Christmas Grinch, we do think it’s a good idea to think about these seasonal scenarios before you get back to the more fun side of things!

grandparent making the christmas treeKeep your property safe while you’re away by keeping your insurance cover up to date.

1) Home disasters while you’re away

Keep your property safe while you’re away by keeping your insurance cover up to date.

Christmas is a popular time for Kiwis to travel locally and head overseas, often leaving our homes empty while we’re gone. This can create a few challenges including burglary, but also from common disasters such as a burst pipe, flooding or even storm damage. An Auckland tornado in 2012 caused $8.7 million worth of damage, while floods in Nelson resulted in $16.8 million worth of damage.

Beyond the natural world, burst pipes or other unexpected issues could rack up a hefty bill if not dealt with quickly – something that might not be possible while you are away. The right insurance policy could mitigate the damage.

2) Christmas burglary surge

Burglars know that we shop for valuable presents at Christmas time, and they like to take advantage of that. In January 2015, the Insurance Council of New Zealand reports that there were about 3,100 burglary-related claims over the Christmas period, prompting them to urge homeowners to take extra precautions. Burglars are tempted by the fact you may be away, out shopping or seeing friends and family – putting your home and your belongings at risk. It isn’t just the value of the stolen items that is lost, but the potential damage to your home as well.

The financial costs mount up, and the emotional costs could be even more significant. Keep yourself and your family protected with the right insurance against burglary.

3) Christmas party protection

Did you know that the most important part of Christmas for most people is spending more time with friends and family? That’s according to a McCrindle survey from 2013 and, judging by those we’ve asked here at Tower, it definitely holds true. However, these get-togethers can pose a hazard to whoever is hosting. Glasses can get smashed, TVs can topple over, enthusiastic uncles can trip while bringing over the Christmas ham – there are any number of possible accidents that could put a dampener on your merriment. Keep those big ticket items protected with a good home and contents insurance before you send out the invites.

If you feel like your insurance isn’t quite up to scratch, get in touch with the team at Tower Insurance to find out how we can help you stay protected these holidays… and have yourself a very merry Christmas!

Posted by Katie Anderson